Foreign Rights
How the Dragon Came to Be

Author(s) : Marie SELLIER

A long time ago in China, men had animals as their mascot and they placed themselves under their protection: A fish for the fishermen, a bird for the people of the mountains, a horse for the people of the plains, a snake for the people of the high lands, a buffalo for the farmers.

But these people feuded against each other and their children thought up a way of reuniting them by creating a single animal that would combine the features of the different animals. It would have the body of a snake, the scales of a fish, the face of a horse, the horns of a buffalo and the claws of an eagle. This is how the dragon came into being, bringing peace and prosperity to the people of China. The animal became the emblem of the land celebrated each year during the New Year festival. This book is a beautiful tale on the origins of this emblematic animal. The album takes on the form of a Chinese painting with Catherine Louis’ colourful brushstrokes and Wang Fei’s stamps and calligraphy.The book comes with an additional booklet where children can try their hand at Chinese calligraphy and play games.

La Carambole d’or

Author(s) : Yveline FÉRAY

Voici un conte adapté pour les enfants par Yveline Féray de ses « Contes d’une grand-mère vietnamienne », autour de la carambole, ce fruit tropical doré dont les quartiers dessinent des étoiles quand on les coupe, et d’un oiseau magique qui récompense ceux qui préfèrent les trésors du cœur aux mirages de la fortune.

Hanafuda, the Flowers Game

Author(s) : Véronique BRINDEAU

There is in Japan a card game created in the 19th century called Hanafuda. Based on legends and poems of ancient Japan on flowers and trees, this game appeals to the collective memory of the Japanese. Hanafuda became a very popular cards game, equally appreciated by nobility and yakuzas. It is the first product that Nintendo ever produced.

Twelve Hours of the Green Houses

Author(s) : UTAMARO Kitagawa

This work illustrates in twenty delicately coloured prints, the uses and celebrations through the four seasons in the special and exclusive quarters of pleasure where warriors and rich men of Edo used to spend time and fortunes. This album reached the West in the 19th century and became very popular. The prints are commented by Jippensha Ikku.

Love Trilogy - Love in a Brocade Valley

Author(s) : WANG Anyi

Jinxiugu zhi lian Amour dans une vallée enchantée starts with the words I want to tell a story, a story about a woman.. Using a modernist technique, the narrator intervenes occassionally in the story in which a young woman gains a new sense of identity through a fleeting extramarital affair.

Foujita, the Master of Stroke

In the 20s, the « most Japanese Parisian and the most Parisian Japanese », in his own words, is a central figure of the School of Paris. Adulated, celebrated, Foujita was the beloved child of St. Germain-des-près. In this work, you will discover or rediscover an artist who knew how to ally East and West with sharpness and subtlety, proud of his Japanese history and lover of France and European culture. Rich in works and photographies, this book allows us to seize the singularity and mastery of a painter that his contemporaries often qualified of magician.

Akiko l'amoureuse

Author(s) : Antoine GUILLOPPÉ

Akiko n’a pas peur du noir et elle aime bien se promener la nuit au bord du lac. C’est là qu’elle rencontre Takiji qui, lui, a peur du soleil ! Le petit garçon est persuadé que la sorcière lui a jeté un sort et que les rayons du soleil le transformeraient en pierre. Avec l’aide de ses amis les oiseaux et les renards de la forêt, Akiko va venir en aide au petit garçon. Car seul l’amour de quelqu’un pourra faire oublier sa peur à Takiji et lui redonner confiance.

Love Trilogy - Love on a Barren Moutain

Author(s) : WANG Anyi

This is the first part of the Love TrilogyHuangshan zhi lian  – Love on a barren mountain ends on a suicide pact between adulterous lovers.

At the Edge of the Fan

Author(s) : Jocelyne GODARD

In the year 1000 in Japan, Yasumi leaves the province of Masushi, after the death of her mother. She plans to travel to the court of Kyoto to rehabilitate the name and position of her family.In Kyoto, Yasumi, a rash and wild girl, has to comply with the uses of a an extremely brilliant, sophisticated, schorlarly, and very formal court. The sign of supreme elegance is to handle a fan at the end of which lies a small poem… Yasumi will meet there the most powerful women of her times, one of which being Murasaki Shibiku, the author of the radieux prince Genji.


Author(s) : WANG Gang

Surrounded by mountains and Turkish speaking, Urumqi, capital of Xinjiang province, is one of China most isolated cities. but in spite of the physical and cultural barrieres, even there the Chinese cultural revolution spreads its wings. During that period, where obscurantism is a rule, exceptionnal people still exist… Liu Ai, a young student, is touched by the humanity and discreet elegance of his Shanghai-born English teacher, Mr. Wang Yajung, who looks like a British gentleman. Thanks to the complicity and mutual respect between the student and the teacher, Liu Ai will experience a growing interest for English language, and freedom and tolerance. His dearest dream is to possess an English dictionnary, where an unknown universe is hiding. Released in France in Feb. 2007.

Le Rat m'a dit

Author(s) : Marie SELLIER

Un jour, à l’aube du monde, le Grand Empereur du Ciel invita tous les animaux de la création à lui rendre visite sur la montagne de Jade. Douze animaux répondirent à son invitation, et ils devinrent les douze signes du zodiaque chinois. Mais que se passa-t-il vraiment ce jour-là ? Dans quel ordre arrivèrent le buffle, le tigre, le lièvre, le dragon, le serpent et les autres ? Pourquoi le chat fut-il oublié ? Le rat, qui y était, connaît l’histoire vraie.

Les superbes illustrations en noir et rouge de Catherine Louis font écho au texte malicieux de Marie Sellier. Quant aux sceaux gravés par Wang Fei, il apportent la nécessaire et authentique touche chinoise à ce livre qui confirme le talent du trio de La Naissance du dragon, publié en 2006 chez Picquier Jeunesse.

A partir de 6 ans

The Celadon Secret

Author(s) : Michel BUGNON-MORDANT

Born in the wealthy city of Kaifeng, the Northern Song dynasty capital in the 11th century, Lin Zao-de is promised to a bright future. His father holds the secret for manufacturing an unrivalled blue-green porcelain and is backed by the powerful merchant Wang Chun, whose daughter Zao-de plans to marry. The sudden death of his father dramatically changes his destiny. Wang Chun breaks all his promises, steals the secret and accuses Zao-de of murdering one of his servants. How will Zao-de save his life and his love from Wang Chun and the Red Wolves ?Remarkably documented, superbly written, this historical novel stages the famous judge Bao Gong, symbol of justice and integrity who solves the enigma and murder. It is also an adventure novel full of unexpected events, traps, kidnappings, surprise attacks…

Aung San Suu Kyi, Burma Tomorrow

Author(s) : Jean-Claude BUHRER, CLAUDE B. LEVENSON


An unifying symbol for all a nation, an international icon, but also a martyr in the “country of gold and tears”, Aung San Suu Kyi, awarded the 1991 Nobel Prize, is admired for her strong temper under a fragile look. Since the military regime brutally confiscated all authority in 1988, the daughter of Burma’s independence father has asserted herself as the opposition leader and spokesman with a rare eloquence, for democracy and human rights. This book recounts her battle, and her country’s history. A strong document.

Love Trilogy - Love in a Small Town

Author(s) : WANG Anyi

In her « Love Trilogy » published in 1986-1987, Wang Anyi explored female sexuality and marriage. Xiaocheng zhi lian Love in a small town draws the portrait of an unmarried woman, who is physically and emotionally stronger than her lover, and who ends up as a confident single mother.

How Ganesh Came About

Author(s) : Marie SELLIER

Ganesh has not always had an elephant’s head.The sun is rising that day on Mount Kailasha, the Hindu gods’ sacred mountain, young goddess Parvâti is lying next to Shiva, her beloved husband. Birds are singing but Parvâti lets out a sigh of sadness; she yearns for a child but Shiva doesn’t….The legend of Ganesh, the elephant-headed god, comes to life with Catherine Louis’ colourful illustrations.

6 years old

My First Lessons in Chinese

Author(s) : Lisa BRESNER

Illustrated by Catherine Louis

Here is a fun and practical method to learn the basics of the Chinese language: discover a hundred characters, learn how to write and pronounce them thanks to the Audio CD that comes with the book. This book is a logical sequel to “My first book of Chinese” to discover the sounds of the language, communicate and ask questions. Have fun speaking Chinese and collecting the keys to ideograms that will open the doors of China!

Age: 9 and up

The Bronze Wing

Author(s) : TRAN-NHUT

by Tran Nhut
Original title : L’Aile d’Airain
320 pages
13 X 20,5 cms hardback
World rights sold : Italian, Spanish, Japanese, German

In a country weakened by the dissensions between northern and southern Vietnam, Mandarin Tan’s visit his birth village doesn’t go off as he planned : his mother doesn’t recognize him, and the foreman Loc, traumatized by his meeting with a deadly beautiful demon, dies in a dreadful manner. This tragedy brings back memories of a troubled past, when twenty-five years ago, Tan’s father disappeared after a criminal fire that killed a family of strangers. Is his father involved in the reprisals ?

Le Rêve du village des Ding

Author(s) : YAN Lianke

Le Rêve du Village des Ding est un roman bouleversant. Bouleversant par la tragédie qu’il raconte, bouleversant parce qu’il n’est que la fiction d’une réalité plus terrible encore.
C’est l’histoire de centaines de milliers de paysans du Henan contaminés par le sida que l’auteur évoque dans ce roman d’une émotion poignante, traversé de rêves et de prémonitions. « Colère et passion sont l’âme de mon travail », dit Yan Lianke.
Son livre est aujourd’hui interdit en Chine et l’auteur privé de parole.

Doctor Pork Hogs the Scene

Author(s) : TRAN-NHUT

When Doctor Pork accepts to take charge of the Court of Justice in the absence of Mandarin Tan, he is suddenly confronted with a sudden death that compels him to stick his nose into an old case. But things are not as easy as it seemed… Fortunately Doctor Pork is a man of many talents and under his examinations felons tend to squeal like a stuck pig before spilling the beans.

J’apprends la calligraphie chinoise

Author(s) : HE Zhihong et Guillaume OLIVE

Un livre et un cédérom pour faire ses premiers pas dans la calligraphie chinoise : l’ordre des traits, la composition des caractères, le maniement du pinceau, de l’encre et du papier, ces outils qui forment, avec la pierre à encre, les « quatre trésors » du calligraphe en herbe.

Le Cerf-volant dans l'arbre

Author(s) : HE Zhihong et Guillaume OLIVE

Niveau de lecture : A partir de 4 ans

Toutes les nuits, Feng monte sur le toit de son immeuble, porte une feuille d’arbre à ses lèvres et se met à siffler comme il le faisait dans la forêt. Car la nature lui manque, et il se sent bien seul dans cette grande ville chinoise où ses parents sont venus travailler.

Trois Albums d'Estampes

Parmi tous les trésors de la fabuleuse bibliothèque d’art et d’archéologie constituée par le grand couturier Jacques Doucet entre 1906 et 1918, un joyau inattendu brille d’un éclat singulier : une collection de 110 albums illustrés japonais du XVIIe au XIXe siècle témoigne d’un art du livre et de l’estampe particulièrement délicat et raffiné.

Akiko the Day Dreamer

Author(s) : Antoine GUILLOPPÉ

After Akiko the curious one, here is Akiko the day dreamer. The young Japanese girl had such a vivid dream that she longs to see it come to life. One day, by a lake she meets her grand mother who came to say her last goodbye. That’s when a whirlwind of leaves swirls around her. Akiko is in the spring of life and autumn is coming.The book was written and illustrated by Antoine GUILLOPE with ink drawings enhanced with delicate Japanese paper collages.


Author(s) : YANG Hongying

Toufou is a young Chinese boy full of energy, always cooking up new ways to make life so much livelier and interesting….. We tag along with this cheeky boy in his daily adventures in present day China. He is accompanied by an odd assorted group: his friends: Hippo, Penguin, Monkey; his toymaker father who behaves like a child himself… A joyful little rascal that takes us on many adventures with laughter, surprises and mischief!


Author(s) : SERRES Patrice


In 1974 the entire world discovered with astonishment, the mausoleum of Qin, first emperor of China, the one that wanted to be called “the master of the World”,  exhumed with his famous army of clay soldiers. This discovery qualified as the most sensational archaeological event since the opening of Tutenkamon thumb, brought back to the public, the life of a man whose life was filled with intrigues, tyranny, blood, and thirst of power. He unified the Chinese empire, and then governed it with a firm authority, normalised the writing system, and started the construction of the Great Wall. He died in 213 BC poisoned by an elixir that should have had given him immortality.Patrice Serres has featured this epic scenario, in a 84 pages comic strip that brings alive every details from the court life to the battle camps.About the author : Patrice Serres was born in 1946 in Paris. He was a student of Frank Robbins the cartoonist of Johnny Hazard. Back in France, he works for Pilote and draw Tanguy et Laverdure with Jean-Michel Charlier. He is also the author of Les Fourmis, imaging the famous novel by Bernard Werber.

The Song of Eternal Regrets

Author(s) : WANG Anyi

Born in 1954 in Nankin, Wang Anyi is one of the most famous writer in China. Wang Ts’iyao, which means « Pure Jade »,  is a beauty queen in a blazing Shanghaï, enjoying its last years of freedom. Once the night of the cultural revolution has fallen on the previously shining city, she has to hide and her way of life dramatically changes.With a sensitive language, Wang Anyi perfectly blends stories into history and gives importance to a woman’s soul torn by the nostalgia of vanished dreams.

To Serve the People

Author(s) : YAN Lianke

Yan Lianke
Original title : Wei renmin fuwu
186 pages
Rights sold English, Italian
EUROPE/rights handled by Laura Susijn Agency

When Yan Lianke is quoting one of the most famous slogan from Mao’s cultural revolutionary speeches, he sweeps away the most sacred taboos of the Chinese revolutionary army, sexuality and social rules.Censored in March 2005 by the Central Committee of Chinese communist Party, this novel is a quote from Mao Zedong’s famous speech sentence, when he declared he wanted “to serve the people”.During the cultural revolution, when sex was utterly prohibited,  Liu Lian, an unsatisfied officer’s wife convinces a simple soldier Wu Dawang to get in bed with her, while her husband is away. Gradually, they isolate themselves from the rest of the world, and one day , when accidentally breaking one of Mao’s statues, they discover that this sacrilege gesture, is improving their sexual desire… But  there is a cheater cheated in Lianke’s sardonic and harsh novel that braves Chinese totems…

Cambodian Cuisine with the Sala Bai Apprentices

Author(s) : RIVIÈRE Joannès

Photographies by Maja Smend
Coedition with “Agir pour le Cambodge”
20X26 cms /160 pages/ coloured & B&W illustrations

The Cambodian cuisine takes its roots in the Kingdom of Angkor, cradle of the Khmer civilisation, and was perpetuated through generations. Exotic and simple, various and authentic, it has been enriched by China and India’s influences. You will discover its diversity through the 75 recipes composed by the chief Johannes Rivière, and performed by Cambodian cook apprentices. Sala Bai’s School is located in Siem Reap near the Temple of Angkor. This school was opened a few years ago by the institution “Agir pour le Cambodge” to teach catering to children from indigent families and bring hope to new generations.

The Man Who Was Crazy About Flowers

Author(s) : Yveline FÉRAY

Illustrated by Anne Romby

Under the Song’s dynasty reign, in a little Chinese village was living an elderly gardener named Qiu Xian.He had a marvellous garden that he cherished more than everything in the world. He devoted his entire life to flowers and could grow any kind of flowers even from the rarest kind.Unfortunately Zhan Wei, a greedy and nasty Lord decided that he wanted the garden for himself.But wisdom, embodied by the elf of the Jade Lake, will help the gardener. The flowers will get alive for one night and punish Zhang Wei and Qiu Xian will become the Guardian of flowers.

Hatchiko, a Dog in Tokyo

Author(s) : Claude HELFT

Illustrations by Chen Jiang Hong

Everyone in Tokyo knows the statue of Hatchiko, which is a very famous meeting spot in front of Shibuya station. This is the true story of this famous dog !In 1920, everyday at Shibuya station, Hatchiko awaits for its master. When he gets off the train, the party’s on ! But one day its master don’t come back from work. He has succumbed to a heart attack.For ten years, until he dies, Hatchiko will continue to go to the station every day at the same time, hoping to find his Master back. A true story of love and faithfullness.

My first book of Chinese painting
Animals and Children, flowers and birds

Author(s) : YANG Fu Jing

The first book in the series “My first book of Chinese painting”was published in October 2005 and has known an unflagging success since then.The first book is about Animals, the second one demonstrates how to apply the ancient art of Chinese painting to depict Children, flowers and birds. An easy and entertaining introduction to Chinese painting where subjects are treated with a step by step method: in a few patches and strokes, flowers, children and birds appear as if by magic.

Master Hou’s Black Powder

Author(s) : TRAN-NHUT

By Tran Nhut
Original title : La Poudre noire de Maitre Hou
320 pages
11 X 17 cms
World rights sold : Italian, Spanish, Japanese, German

The eunuch Mercy and his well-named charming wife Mrs Dragonfly, Doctor Pork and the proud Mrs. Aconite, a poisonous plant… are all involved into some quite obscure cases : mysterious murders, profaned cemeteries, supernatural events… All of Mandarin Tan’s wisdom and sagacity would be necessary to solve this cases and unravel the web of passions in the early XVIIth century Vietnam which discovers the first Portuguese enclaves and Jesuits missions.

The Spirit of Bamboo in Japan

Author(s) : Dominique BUISSON

With clay, lacquer and paper, bamboo is one of the fundamentals of Japanese basic and traditional materials. This book is also an ode to this exceptional vegetal. Its shows in its multiple aspects, how bamboos stimulated the creativity of the Japanese through aesthetics in their way of life. It sprouts and grows everywhere, can be easily carved. Architecture, furniture, various all-purpose objects, one can count more than 1400 ways to use bamboo !!

Curious Akiko

Author(s) : Antoine GUILLOPPÉ

The sun is rising on the Fuji Mount.One morning, Akiko a little Japanese girl, find some strange footprints on her window… Curious and eager for adventure she decides to follow them. She gets herself in trouble several times but strangely, she is always helped by natural elements : a tree, ice, birds. This short quest will teach her never turn back at the first obstacle, to ignore danger and control her fear.But why do they know her name ?At the end of the way, a big surprise and a great honour are awaiting her.Curious Akiko is a little Zen tale, to read calmly in mum’s and dad’s arms.

From four.

My Chinese Picture Book

Author(s) : Catherine LOUIS

Text and Illustrations by Catherine Louis

Learning Chinese is a child’s play. Juliette about to go to China wished to learn more about Chinese. The concept of the book is to answer that child’s questions.  How does an ideogram work ? Does it look like an object ? Is it a combination of different keys…

A hundred images illustrating the evolution of Chine characters. From images to sign, through ancient symbols. From five years old, children will discover the Chinese calligraphy.

My First Book of Chinese

Author(s) : Lisa BRESNER

Illustrated by Catherine Louis

Learning Chinese is a child’s play.Juliette about to go to China wished to learn more about Chinese. The concept of the book is to answer that child’s questions.  How does an ideogram work ? Does it look like an object ? Is it a combination of different keys…

Malabar Connection

Author(s) : Sarah DARS

Who has a stake in disturbing the great sacrifice which takes place in Ponnani in honour of a famous fencing master’s 100th birthday ? One of the 108 members has disappeared : what happened to him ? What should the others expect ? Should the anger of the divinities be feared ? Will Doc who has travelled to Kerala for the celebrations, be able to unravel this new mystery web, without mixing doctrinal quarrels and family affairs ? Especially when fortune and fate come to join the party…

Tibet, Hostage of China

Author(s) : Claude B. LEVENSON

By Claude Levenson
296 pages
17 X 11 cms, paperback

Since 1985 Claude B. Levenson has made more than 10 trips to Tibet and she offers us a testimony on the imperilled Tibet to today, especially on the gradual destruction of its people and culture under Chinese occupation. Claude B. Levenson is a confirmed Asian scholar and she has authored more than 13 titles on Tibet and the Dalai Lama.

Cops in Zhengzhou

Author(s) : ZHANG Yu

Have you ever heard of Zhengzhou? No? Quite normal, as this is a modest Chinese city of fifteen million inhabitants. Two policemen a bit loosers but pure hearted, hurt down pickpockets while trying to understand the new rules of capitalism, fight against insidious corruption, watch the blocks of  sprouting from the vestiges of closed state factories… Still riding their bicycle, they discover a new world where the new city kings’s gleaming cars pass by, while reading Mao again, without knowing whether to applaud or cry.

Chine : Culture et traditions

Author(s) : Jacques PIMPANEAU

Ce livre, devenu aujourd’hui un classique en France, est une encyclopédie illustrée sur les mœurs et coutumes dans la Chine traditionnelle. Il recouvre un grand nombre de sujets sur la vie quotidienne, l’organisation sociale, la religion et la culture.

Liu and the Bird

Author(s) : Catherine LOUIS

In her dreams, Liu hears her grand-father calling her. She decides to go and visit him, on the other side of the mountain. On her way, she meets peoples, animals, objects which will help her to find her way to her grand father.  Each encounter is symbolised by a Chinese ancient and modern character to help the young reader associate drawings and Chinese calligraphy.

When she finally meets her grandfather, he is happy that she has heard his message of love and invites her to use his brushes to paint and write calligraphies.Beautifully illustrated, this travel through country, forests, mountains, will let the children enter the mystery of the Chinese signs, from their pictorial origin to their modern character last evolution.

World rights sold : German, English

The Moon’s Opera

Author(s) : BI Feiyu

Xiao Yanqiu has the cold beauty of the legendary Chang’E, who swallowed the immortality pill before leaping to the moon, where she has been leaving ever since, in an ciy solitude. Twenty years after having, at the height of her blooming youth, shattered her opera actress’s career, in her heart still burns the passion for that art. One day, a producer ask her to incarnate to play the Moon Goddess. At what cost will she be able to play the impossible human desire to escape from her destiny ? Written by a young and talented Chinese author. Europe/Rights handled by Laura Susijn Agency

The Prince’s Shadow

Author(s) : TRAN-NHUT

By Tran Nhut
Original title : L’Ombre du Prince
360 pages
11 X 17 cms
World rights sold : Italian, Spanish, Japanese, German

Mandarin Tan, flanked by the scholar Dinh, goes to Than-Long, XVIIth century Vietnam’s capital, to buy quality books and documents that he cannot find anywhere else. He is quickly confronted to the power of local nobility and to a singular theft among the eunuchs. As soon as he arrives, begins an endless series of mysterious and ruthless and merciless crimes. Officially in charge of the cases, the investigations will be a painful immersion into Mandarin Tan’s memories.

Brawl on Ooty

Author(s) : Sarah DARS

By Sarah Dars
Original title : Rififi à Ooty
276 pages
11 X 17 cms
World rights

Death prowls on the very chic altitude resort of Ootacamund, in South Asia, where Doc has come on family holidays. Unluckily, his friend Douglas has just been murdered and has charged him in his will to look after his precious sapphire, the Black Sapphire, desired by many, and… not to be found of course. He has to look for it in the jungle, in a mysterious labyrinth, and in the closed society of Ootacamund.

Upside Down

Author(s) : LIU Yichang

Original title : Duidao
13X20,5 cm – Hardback

This novel published in Hong Kong in 1970, has inspired Wong Kar Wai’s movie In the mood for love.A young woman and an old man pass each other without ever meeting. We follow them, one after the other, and share their feelings, hope, bitterness, love, anger. One day they come across each other… Are they going to get along ? Are they really what they think they are ?

Dead Woman in the Bombay Express

Author(s) : Sarah DARS

World rights

Doc, the Brahman  who knows how to manage with his caste precepts, travels on the Bombay Express with his friend Arjun. During the journey, a woman is burned alive in her first class compartment. Accident, murder or ritual sati ? His investigations lead us through Bollywood’s studios and their multiple castes fights. Armed with some shastrâs abd his faithful umbrella, he will discover the reasons of a crime which is just, after all, a sinister joke. If life is just a dream, is death just a joke ?

The Functioning of the Yi Jing

Author(s) : Cyrille JAVARY

We westerners, do use the Yi Jing (or Yi king) oracles only to heal our anguishes, while disdaining the philosophical treasures screened by this fundamental text. Cyrille Javary, exacting Sinologue and expert in the matter of Ying-Yang thought, delivers in this book all the well-named Book of Mutation’s wisdom, which comments are believed to belong to Confucius.Enter at once into the internal wheels of this major work of the Chinese civilisation, and one of the most fascinating connection machines ever produced by human mind. Also available from the same author: In the Forbidden City.

The Temple of the Scarlett Crane

Author(s) : TRAN-NHUT

by Tran Nhut
Original title : Le Temple de la grue écarlate
336 pages
11 X 17 cms
rights sold : Italian, Spanish, Japanese, German

As he is just setting into his new position as magistrate of a Northern province of Vietnam, Mandarin Tan faces a succession of murders, as cruel as mysterious, which turn his interest towards a monastery where monks seem to be fonder of martial arts than of Buddhists scriptures. With his friends, the scholar Dinh, he will have to travel trough the misty northern mountains and show great cleverness to solve the mystery, the bitter solution being a challenge to his innate sense of justice.

Troubles in Mahabalipuram

Author(s) : Sarah DARS

by Sarah Dars
Original title : Ramdam à Mahabalipuram
208 pages
11 X 17 cms
World rights

Who could have a grudge against Sumitra, the young souvenirs seller on the touristy beach of Mahabalipuram? She is so discreet that no one remarks her, and that Doc never realized she was watching him with loving eyes. With his friend Arjun, also a medical doctor, settled in Madras, he will investigate in a delicate case and discover Sumitra’s troubled past. In this third sequel of his adventures, the strange death of his young protégée take Brahman Doc all over India.

In the Forbidden Purple City

Author(s) : Cyrille JAVARY


China used to be a country where the first deed of a new triumphant imperial dynasty receiving Heaven’s mandate, was to erect a new imperial residence and then, abandon to slow devastation of time, the former palace of his predecessor. At one exception, the Forbidden City. For more than four centuries, it sheltered 24 successive generations of emperors including Pu Yi who abdicate in 1911.How could the largest palace ever built in the world, symbol of munificence, despotism, and monolithic power, of which construction took fifteen years only, survive to the foundation of the Chinese Republic by Sun Yat-sen, that opened it to the people and turned it into a museum ?To all these questions Cyrille Javary, expert in Chinese culture brings an unexpected answer. Inviting us to a fictive but erudite stroll around the Forbidden Purple City from the Full-South Gate to the Tranquillity yin hall, Cyrille Javary demonstrates that the “Theater of Power” that was the Forbidden City is also a labyrinth of symbols made to incarnate principles that have been ruling Chinese power for ages. Also available from the same author : The Functioning of Yi Jing

The Messenger from Tibet

Author(s) : Claude B. LEVENSON


Tashi Dolma is 18 when, in 1995, the Chinese army occupies her province town of Shigatse. Witness of the violation of the local monastery and kidnapping of the resident monks, she flees to Lhassa, and from there, across the Himalayas she refugees herself in Katmandu, Nepal. From the decision she made to leave to her arrival, each step in this journey gives Claude Levenson the opportunity to illustrate some aspects of the Tibetan traditions, weakened by Beijing’s power. With a powerful prose, a moving tale of courage.

Death in Hyderabad

Author(s) : Sarah DARS

World rights

For matters of inheritance, Doc Leaves Madras for Hyderâbâd. There, a strange atmosphere reigns in the streets, and the back shops. The Brahman Detective finds himself involved in the dubious manoeuvres of the local mafia. The powerful imam Cheik Abd-el-Aziz has just been murdered. By whom ? Drinking Lassi and using teaching of the Panchatantra, Doc will unravel the mystery.

Sleepless Night in Madras

Author(s) : Sarah DARS

World rights

In the middle of the Dîvâpalî festival, the young Suryâ Mitar disappears surreptitiously in the suburb of Madras. Elopement ? Murder ? Kidnapping ? As a family friend; Doc decides to investigate. On his way, he meets Gopan, the police inspector, Gokul the shopkeeper, and above all, Kâli’s adorers. The same who, a long time ago, where generous on human flesh for their Mother Goddess.

Feasts and Banquets in China

Author(s) : William CHAN TAT CHUEN


In China every important moment of life like weddings, anniversary, harvests, funeral, is celebrated by a banquet. With noodles acting as the longevity symbol or bamboo symbol of youth, the Chinese always find reasons to celebrate around food.In this book divided in four parts, each devoted to a different season or event in life, William Chant Tat Chuen invites us to a discovery of China through its traditional food. The book also includes a wide selection of traditional recipes, easy to replicate.

Life and Passion of a Chinese Gourmet

Author(s) : LU Wenfu

By Lu Wenfu
Original title : Meishijia
192 pages
11 X 17 cms
Europe except German

This novel must be enjoyed a serviette wrapped around one’s neck. Lu Wenfu tells us forty years of  Chinese life, around a table. But sometime, it pricks : Zu Ziye, the novel’s hero, is not a happy gourmet. Indeed, he is often annoyed by some communist ideology thugs, who’d love to erase any trace of tradition starting with cookery. An humourous description of life and gastronomy in Suzhou.

In Praise of Blandness

Author(s) : François JULLIEN

Jullien’s groundbreaking work of philosophy, anthropology, aesthetics, and sinology is certain to stir readers to think and experience what may at first seem impossible: the richness of a bland sound, a bland meaning, a bland painting, a bland poem.